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Without You

Title: Without You
Rating: G
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Dianna Agron/Lea Michele
Plot: Just a tiny achele moment. I wrote this after the season 3 finale so it’s been sitting on my computer for awhile.


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I've Been Thinking David/Billie Fan Fiction

Title: I've Been Thinking
Author: RainingColour
Rating: Pretty much G
Description: Billie has been hiding a secret away from David. Will he ever find out?
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, this is just an act of fiction and I don't own David Tennant (unfortunately) or Billie Piper.

Link to the story: http://rainingcolour.livejournal.com/781.html#cutid1

Author's note: Comments are nice but you don't have too. c: 

Title: Matt's Audition
Rating: R
Description: David's reaction to seeing Matt auditioning for the part of the eleventh doctor.
None of this is real. It's just me and my over active imagination.   

David's breathing was slow, taking in the man's brown eyes, so similar to his own. )

DW Real Person Fic

Anyone who likes reading or writes RPF,  versaphile at dw_rpf  is creating a achieve similair to Who-fic.
We're currently voting for the name of the achieve and saying what pairings we like.

I'll definately be posting there when it's up and running under my LJ name. Exspect to see some Georgia/David, Matt/David or even David/Billie fic form me soon!

doctors and nursery nurses

Title: she knows
Author: rachychachy
Character(s): david tennant, rachel copley, billie piper, lucy charlton,
Rating: adult
Warnings: sex, swearing,
Summary: rachel copley has it all, a brilliant job and an even better boyfriend, but hes not all hers. it was all goin well until she got a note one day containing two words- she knows.
Disclaimer: unfortunatly i am not sleepin with david tennant nor am i the reason he spilt up wth sophia myles! but a girl can dream and thats all iv done! i do not mean any disrespect to the people featured, any other people who are not famous dont exist!
Author's Notes: reviews are great, please dont hate me iv never wrote anything like this before
thanks to my amazing beta lucy charlton for owning my soul


so here we goCollapse )
Just a curious little poll, David and Billie related.

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